We did it !!!!     We're now Mr and Mrs DeBoo and now we're off on honeymoon.   Lots more to come, but for now, click here to have a quick look at our "married" page and see some photos and messages from our big day!

So - here it is, our wedding website ... welcome!

It's not meant to be a big site, it's not complicated, and hopefully, it's easy to find your way around.

Firstly, a bit about the two of us (as if you didn't already know!!) and even a bit about how we met, and how we got engaged!

We've included some info about the bridal party - our bridesmaids and groomsmen...

Then, some useful information about the wedding day itself....  the church, the hotel, transport between the two, and so on.

We know that many of you will be travelling, and so we've prepared directions for you to download.  For those of you who want to stay over, we've listed some local hotels.

So... enjoy our website.....  ... oh, and you can contact us by e-mail at...

for Clare:

for Pete:

for both of us:

About Us
The Bridal Party

Gift List
Where to Stay
Transport & Travel
Things to do locally

Clare Walsh & Pete DeBoo  |  Our Wedding   |  Saturday 6th September, 2014  |  Ss Alban & Stephen Church, St Albans